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What is Laser Engraving ?

Laser engraving is the process of permanently reproducing a digital image, photograph, artwork, text onto a material of choice. We use state of the art laser engraving equipment and software.  The laser engraving equipment marks the material in a manner that is similar to a computer printer but in this case the laser incorporates a laser beam.   Granite, marble, glass, plastic and wood are among many popular material choices that can produce high definition results.

How is Laser Engraving Performed ?

Laser engraving is completed with the use of a laser engraving machine that is connected to a computer system.  The computer system is equipped with special software programs that control the digital files that are sent to the laser machine through a hardwire connection between the laser machine and the computer.  The laser engraving machine uses a special laser beam that is focused to a single point, which in turn, engraves the material.

Choices for Engraving

The design possibilities are almost endless.  Let us help you with your next project  for your home, office, or even a personalized gift need.  We can help you create a unique gift or decor project.

Are There Size Restrictions ?

Normally there are no size restrictions, laser images can be produced on an item as small as a coin or large floor and wall murals that cover several square feet.  Images may also be produced on large pieces of glass or mirrors along with many more materials.

Quality of Process

Laser engraving is unsurpassed in the ability to showcase the elegance of detail.  Our company utilizes the latest in laser technology and software.  Customer satisfaction and quality are our goals.

Laser engraving technology produces high definition results that other etching processes can't match.  The exact detail that a laser can achieve produces an elegant end product. 

Images for Processing

You may provide your own digital image or photograph for your laser artwork or choose from our library of images.  If you provide the image or photo it must be copyright free or you must have the legal right to use the image.  If you have a photograph, and not a digital image, we can scan your photograph and create the digital image for you.  Your photograph will not be harmed during this process and the photograph will be returned to you with the shipment of your order.